A380 The Last Giant Andreas Spaeth

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At the beginning of the new millennium, the Europeans built the largest commercial aircraft of all time. The Airbus Group, which has risen over decades to become the world market leader, launched the A380 in 2005 – a giant for up to 853 passengers and two decks over the full fuselage length. An extreme challenge for the designers, but also for operators and airports. Passengers loved the A380, but economically it proved to be little success.

Already in 2021, production of the giant Airbus was discontinued again. The well-known aviation journalist Andreas Spaeth has followed the gigantic project since its beginnings. He was personally present at many milestones of the A380 programme, such as the first scheduled flight in 2007. With this excitingly readable volume, he presents the first comprehensive history of the A380 from start to finish, richly illustrated with many rare photos and graphics.

Exclusively for this book, many of the most important people involved at the time share their views on the short and turbulent A380 history. Important facts and figures round off this unique look back at one of the most important projects in civil aviation history.