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📚✨ A Trio of Captivating Books for Just £10! 🌌🛫🗺️

✈️ "Jetliners of the Red Star Paperback" - A Peek Behind the Iron Curtain 🚀

Jetliners Of The Red Star goes behind the Iron Curtain to tell the story of the jet airliners of the Soviet Union.

The Tu-104, Tu-124, Tu-134, supersonic Tu-144, Tu-154, Tu-204, the Ilyushin Il-62, Il-86 and Il-96, and Yakovlev Yak-40 and Yak-42 get a chapter each, lavishly illustrated with rare photos from the past and present.

🌍 "Iraq Today" - Unraveling the Hidden Realities 🏞️ Iraq’s people, cities and countryside remain unknown to most outsiders. With this important book, revealing daily life behind the headlines, photographer and explorer Daniel Whitfield’s travels across Iraq bring the country to the reader in stunning pictures and words.

🚀 "Planely Schmitz" - Unleash Your Imagination 🌠

Sebastian Schmitz has been writing for the world’s top aviation magazines for many years, including Airliner World, Airways, Air International among others, sharing with readers his tales of flying on some of the world’s most colourful and exotic airlines to some of the most remote corners of the globe.

For the first time, Astral Horizon Press have brought together the best of his work into an anthology Planely Schmitz. Fly with him from obscure corners of Congo to islands off the coast of New England, from frozen Mongolia to tropical Caribbean islands, and even to the South Pole; and aboard all kinds of airliners, from Boeing and Airbus to Tupolev and Antonov.

🎉 Embark on a Journey of Discovery! Get all three captivating books for just £10! 🎉