FLYING TIGER ARCHIVES 2: 1966-1989 Guy Van Herbruggen

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Volume two of Flying Tiger Archives stands in testament to Guy Van Herbruggen's unwavering passion and dedication to the Flying Tiger Line. Delving into the 1966-1989 era, it chronicles the twilight of the Lockheed Constellation and Canadair CL-44 props, followed by the classic jets -- Boeing 707, DC-8, the 747 Classic, and the 727. Through 375 meticulously restored images curated by the Flying Tiger Line Historical Society, the aircraft, personnel, special charters, passenger services, acquisition of Seaboard World, tragedies and triumphs of this period are vividly brought to life.

Guy Van Herbruggen is the author of eight books including The Story Of The MD-11, Corsair 747, For Your Safety, and four previous works on the Flying Tiger Line.