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When the sun goes down and the lights turn on, London’s Heathrow Airport comes alive. The crossroads of the world becomes more magical, more atmospheric, more beautiful. Vin Man, creator of social media’s LHR:airside, works rampside at Heathrow, always with a camera close to hand to create this stunning album of airliner portraits.

This book brings rampside life at the world’s most famous international airport into focus, with over 150 stunning images of the airlines after dark – global airline megabrands and obscure names from small countries side by side with VIP head of state luxury liners and cargo haulers. The book includes an introductory essay by aviation author and Heathrow local Charles Kennedy, author of Jetliners Of The Red Star.


A nocturnal collection of airliner portraits as diverse as can be found in one place on the planet -- Barry Woods-Turner, Airports Of The World


Author biography:-

Vin Man works as a dispatcher at Heathrow, always with a camera in his pocket. In his spare time he sets out to capture every bit of airside action at Heathrow. For his photography, a compact camera is used together with the occasional use of a smartphone and the results are surprisingly good. He has had a passion for commercial aviation ever since he can ever remember. Vin loves spending time in airports and airplanes and enjoys travelling the world trying out different airlines and different aircraft.


Title: Heathrow After Dark

Author:  Vin Man

Publisher: Astral Horizon Press

Dimensions: 245mm x 135mm x 18mm

160 pages

150 Images



Format Limp

Publication date: Tuesday 13th November

ISBN 9780993260476

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