IRAQ TODAY Daniel Whitfield

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Iraq’s people, cities and countryside remain unknown to most outsiders. With this important book, revealing daily life behind the headlines, photographer and explorer Daniel Whitfield’s travels across Iraq bring the country to the reader in stunning pictures and words.

City scenes in the streets and markets, Mesopotamia’s ancient archeological inheritence unrivalled anywhere else in the world, and most of all, the people of Iraq at work, at prayer, and at play. From the ancient ziggarat of Ur to the markets of Baghdad, from the hanging gardens of Babylon to the trade entrepôt of Basra, from the unique treasures of the Iraqi Museum to the backstreet hangouts – discover Iraq through this special book, which celebrates the grandeur, the history, and the humanity of the cradle of civilisation in the current era.

For fans of travel, photography, politics, Arab and Middle East studies, history.