JETLINERS OF THE RED STAR Charles Kennedy (hardback)

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Jetliners Of The Red Star goes behind the Iron Curtain to tell the story of the jet airliners of the Soviet Union.

The Tu-104, Tu-124, Tu-134, supersonic Tu-144, Tu-154, Tu-204, the Ilyushin Il-62, Il-86 and Il-96, and Yakovlev Yak-40 and Yak-42 get a chapter each, lavishly illustrated with rare photos from the past and present.

 An introductory essay details the history of Aeroflot and the Soviet aerospace establishment. Bonus feature: Aeroflot’s epic timetable from winter 1985/1986 reproduced in full.

 Experience the tragedy and triumph, crushing defeats and stratospheric successes in the parallel world of the airline scene of the Cold War.