JETLINERS OF THE RED STAR Charles Kennedy (paperback)

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After the success of the hardback, here is the paperback edition that pulls back the Iron Curtain to reveal the lives of the jet airliners of the Soviet Union, full of previously unseen stories and previously unpublished information.

The Tupolevs, Ilyushins and Yakovlevs, including the supersonic Tu-144, get a chapter each, lavishly illustrated with rare photos from the past and present. An introductory essay details the history of Aeroflot and the Soviet aerospace establishment. Tragedy and triumph, crushing defeats and stratospheric successes in the parallel world of the airline scene during the Cold War.

For fans of transport, aviation (both civil and military), history, politics, travel and photography.

“A rivetting insight into an entire solar system of big jets that haven’t enjoyed half as much attention as their western counterparts – until now. Epic!”

– Craig West, Airliner World